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Evidence of the corruption in the British legal system and the Human Rights Court.

By Jo Hare 63 Ralph Jessop Court, Poole, Dorset BH12 4HE

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In 1991 I tried to sue my solicitor for advising me to buy a flat that did not exist. The evidence was simple, the local search showed that the landlord had never completed the plans. I went to many members of the legal profession but could not get a fair hearing from anyone. No one was going to help me sue a solicitor.

I went to the local court and they refused to put my case down for a hearing. To cover up my solicitor's gross negligence the court returned the lease of the shop to the landlord with full knowledge that he was selling a flat with it, that did not exist.

So I took my case to the high street in Poole, naming solicitors, barristers, Judges, and the crimes they had committed to stop me from getting any compensation for my shop.

I received plenty of evidence that the legal profession did not like their crimes exposed, so I printed leaflets and put them around the towns that they practiced in. This really upset them and I soon found myself on charges of crimes that I could not possibly have committed, and in prison.

I was charged with sending threatening letters to members of the legal profession, and setting fire to their offices. The letter that was sent, set me up to make it look as though I had committed the 2 fires.

From the beginning Poole Police, The CPS, My Solicitor, Poole Magistrates Court, and later The High Court, knew from the evidence that I could not have committed these crimes.

In that period I asked 8 solicitors, and 8 barristers to defend me, all said they would and then refused after they got legal aid. These are the names and addresses of those lawyers, my alibi for the Poole fire, ands part of the second page of a letter sent to my MP from John Denham MP (Home Office) proving I was innocent.


Judge Hooton (Winchester Crown Court) made sure that I had to defend myself by canceling every date for my trial except 3, which he had allowed my lawyer's to step down. I absconded for the first two so he put me in prison and refused to let me have bail.

I was found not guilty at my trial for the Poole fire, which again proved that I did not commit the other crimes. I was kept on these charges for four and a half years, and kept in prison for fifteen months in that period.

I sent these documents and more to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, and the Appeal Court. Their answer was there were no exceptional circumstances for an appeal.

I also sent them to the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg, and the reply was (after one year), that my application was inadmissible. This was because it did not comply with the requirements set out in articles 34 & 35 of the convention. Also that the evidence that I sent did not disclose any appearance of a violation of my rights and freedom, set out in the convention or it's protocol. I have complied to the articles 34 & 35.

The evidence proved that Judge Hooton had conspired to have me convicted, that he allowed the police to bring fraudulent evidence against me, brought me to trial for a crime I had an alibi for, and kept me on charges for four and a half years. He also forced me to defend myself which proves he violated my human rights and freedom.

Decisions like awarding pedophiles£5,000 for a four and a half year wait for trial points to the fact that this court gives criminals a fair hearing, but not people who has a case against the criminals in the British legal profession.

I am writing to the Head of the Human Rights Court (Ariscos Tsiartas) to ask him to eradicate this injustice as the decision of the court demeans the purpose of the Human Rights Court.